Simplicity, exigency and commitment

Our group pursues the basic values that should rule businesses and the private sector and we aim to be granted high recognition from all our customers.

A world of solutions

ACOQ aims to provide all the management information necessary for the installation, maintenance and growth of your business.
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Recover, Care for, Develop.

We are specialist in the assessment and intervention of children, adults and seniors.
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Acoq Group develops his activity in different areas to support mainly Companies and Private persons. Our performing areas are Tax and Financial Consultancy, Tourism, Real Estate, Training, Communication and New Technologies, and also Social activities.

Our Group pursues the basic values that should rule business and private sector. Our values are simplicity, exigency and commitment.

Our vision is to grant high recognition from all our customers from different activities.

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Acoq Group is your partner for life!

Pedro Simões

Our Companies

ACOQ is a consultancy company to help either private or corporate clients in essential areas as taxation, financial affairs, and training in the same areas. We have clients in different areas of Portugal and Europe, thus a significant international coverage. If you are a corporate or private client ACOQ will be the best partner to your business or to protect your investment in Portugal.

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LightGenerations aims to answer a new request from the social market. The feeble answer from the public sector opens the front door to this area of activity. The constant development of our society, together with the less support from families, make a caring support to either children and adults very important. LightGenerations wants to create a new “life” for all our customers, increasing their well being!

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